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Office 365 VS Google Docs

Microsoft Office 365 is the most known of all office productivity software, however Google is almost considered the same as the internet. So which is best and why choose one over the other? Whilst both offer online and offline access, Office 365 is often used offline and with many being either introduced to it first or even raised using it, many prefer what they know. Google docs on the other hand does have similar functionality and can be adopted, because its built into your google account, accessing this can be fewer clicks away than Office 365. Not only that Google stores its documents in the cloud unless the user specifies otherwise, meaning they can pick up where they left off from any location with internet access.

Both office documents offer a collaboration features allowing multiple people to amend a document at the same time, whilst this means greater work productivity there are drawbacks accessing these software’s through an internet browser, this depends on which internet browser you decide to use. Google has produce Google Chrome and Microsoft has produce Edge (Formerly Internet Explorer), meaning each browser favours their own office documents software. For functionality and speed where you work via the cloud in an environment that requires collaboration, you are best using the office documents that are provided by the same internet browser that you have opted to use. However if you are working offline, perhaps its best to stick to what you know and in most cases this is Office 365.

It really depends on what your businesses projections are in how you use applications, such as a WordDocuments, SpreadSheets, and PowerPoints to name a few. Its worth considering how your business plans to operate moving forward and train staff sooner rather than later, avoiding using the wrong office software and then realizing this when its time for your business to move onto the next stage of its operations. Contact us for more information.

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