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Automation – Application Programming Interface (API)

What is an API? an application programming interface might sound daunting at first, but its is one of the utilities that is becoming vastly adopted in almost every business, you are probably using one and do not even know it. An API connects interfaces between multiple software’s one one or multiple IOT devices, software creators themselves develop and update API’s specifically for your business, such creators as Google, Amazon, and Ebay. Your business could have a sales system, inventory management system, and an advertising system where your manually transfer and update information into each of these systems to allow you better to forecast supply and demand, marketing, and budgets. The API removes the labour requirements and updates this information in real time, allowing you to harness the full potential of your data.

Whilst we can create tailored API’s for your systems, they are most probably already made and require stitching into your logistical management systems. Not only can we do this for you, we can monitor and ensure that the API is update, functioning, and where necessary we can add on functions that are not prebuilt.

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