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Cloud Computing

Many see the cloud as a confusing concept, something mystical, or an area that they will just never understand. However, the idea is simple, efficient, and cost effective. The principal is shared computation resources and with that level of power comes additional benefits, such as offsite hosting of applications and services. To compare this to other instances in life where resources are shared, you could consider the home TV, a boat share, house share or a communal park. All of these have one thing in common, not everyone requires using these resources 24/7 and therefore with a little planning everyone can benefit from their use.

With organizations having access to many servers across many locations providing services to many people at different times in the day, cloud computing simply organizes this so that users can get the best speed and services when they require it. Say there are 5 servers based in 5 different locations and one user requires 2 servers in the morning, another requires 3 in the afternoon and another requires 5 in the evening, without cloud computing each user would either require a dedicated server totaling 10 servers spread across each site or a provider that holds 5 servers in one locations to facilitate the needs of all the users throughout the day. Cloud computing harnesses the power of many computation resources across many locations and is easily scalable without the need of management by a user. This cut down costs such as property overheads, maintenance, labour and provides contingencies should one site go down, benefiting both the user and the service provider as costs can be spent on better equipment and security.

With this pool of computation power, many applications are now hosted in the cloud, meaning your phone, computer, and consoles no longer need physical downloads in their memory to run applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photos, Videos and chat-logs, instead they can access them stored in a cloud with the rapid processing speeds that come with it. To a user they are none the wiser which is where the confusion often comes in, because when things are done right, users are not sure you have done anything at all.

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