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About Services

Specializing in providing IT business solutions, whether it be a bespoke system or tailoring one of our existing systems to your business framework we have it covered. We know there are always more efficient tools and workflows worth implementation and understand costly dead-ends not worth the result. That’s why choosing the right solution is important to us and what we do best, our broad range of qualifications, skills and diversity makes us the successful business analysts we are.

We see our relationships with customers as business partners because if your business does not do well as a result of our services, then neither does ours. Choosing Anthropoid means we put time into understanding your existing infrastructure and knowledge, building on ideas together and educating each other providing essential basic but comprehensive knowledge where necessary therefore building strong business relations and solutions.

Give us a call on 0800 368 9903 for a free IT business solution consultation.

Featured Services

Data Analytics

• Big Data Analysis
• Cloud Computing
• Marketing (Ecommerce, SEO, Adwords and Adsense)
• API Development

Data Into Knowledge

Data can indicate changes in buying patterns or that there are new aspects in the business that need to be addressed before the opportunity dissipates. Data analysis changes the way your organization uses information, improving customer experiences and reshapes your business model.

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IT Support

• Remote Support and Disaster Recovery
• 24/7 Service Monitoring
• Patching, Updating and Automating

Online Repair

24/7 infrastructure monitoring and management, with remote IT support for your business. We guarantee your systems and staff are always up and running. Our technicians are fully trained, certified and professional so you can expect high grade solutions without the jargon.

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• Malware and Anti-Virus Protection
• Spam
• 24/7 Service Monitoring

Cyber Security

Protecting your computer based equipment and data from unauthorized or unintended access, change or destruction. As important as locking your doors or putting your money in a safe, we manage your online security in the same way you protect any other aspect of your business.

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Hardware Supply, Installation and Setup

• Inventory Management
• Computer Networks
• Phone, ADSL or VOIP
• Security Camera Systems

Network Configuration

New network and office installations, replacement of or upgrading existing equipment. We provide critical specifications for any networking requirements needed, such as equipment, cabling, routers, switches, wireless access points, telephones, CCTV and general comms.

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